What to know before you go...

We want to be sure you know what to expect when visiting a Carolina Family Church service for the first time. On this page you will find information about when and where our services are held, what to do when you arrive, how our children's program works, and what you can expect from our services. If you have any additional questions, feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of the page!

Location and Time

We meet at 10am on Sunday mornings at Erwin Middle School.

170 St. Luke's Church Rd.

Salisbury, NC 28146



When you arrive at the school you will find a cheerful team of people making sure you easily find a parking spot and get any help you may need. They are part of our Hospitality Team and make it their goal to be as helpful as possible. If it's raining, rest assured they are going to be soaking wet and bring you an umbrella so you and your family can stay dry!

Should the lot in front of the school be full they will direct you across the street to East Rowan High School. Your safety is the teams primary concern so they will help you cross the street if necessary.

New Families Area

Immediately as you enter the front doors you will see a banner that says "New Families Start Here". At this table you will find one of our team members that basically knows everything about everything! Stop by, let them know you are new, and they will take care of showing you everything you need.

If you have kids, they will get them registered for the children's program, print your tags and you can skip the line at Carolina Kids! They will take you on a tour of our space and show you the cafe, resource area, bathrooms, and auditorium. Consider them your personal concierge for the day!

Kids Check-In

Safety is one of our top concerns when it comes to your kids. We use a computerized check-in system which registers your child and prints a stickers for them and for you. These stickers have a custom code on them that match. If you are needed during the service, this code will appear on the front screens. When you come to pick your child up after the service, our team will match the code on your sticker to the code on your child's. This is to ensure that you, and only you, can pick them up.

While you are checking in is a great time to let us know about any allergies or medical conditions you child may have that we should be aware of. We make every effort to accommodate any special circumstances.

We also want you to know that every one of our team members in Carolina Kids have been trained and have cleared thorough background checks.

Carolina Kids

During our service we offer Carolina Kids for children ages birth through 5th grade. We've created a fun and strategic environment where kids can learn through Bible stories, memory verses, games, crafts and music. It's amazing how much fun our kids have and how much they learn at the same time. If you bring your children to Carolina Kids, they are going to have a blast!

We use material from Orange, which we consider the best children's curriculum available for churches. The program for preschoolers is called First Look and the program for school aged kids is called 252 Kids.

If you have any questions before you visit, feel free to contact our Children's Director, Jess Allen.


Need a little liquid boost to get ready for the service? We've got you covered! In our cafe you will find ice water, coffee and specialty made iced coffees. The team takes their coffee seriously and will do whatever they can to warm you up or cool you down!


Our service meets in what is usually the gymnasium of the school. It's to your left as you come down the main hallway. As you come in a team member will hand you a program. On it you will find some info about the church, a place to take notes during the message, and a connection card that tears off. The connection card can be used as a great way to let us know about prayer requests or to request specific information.

As a first-time guest, we would love it if you would fill out the connection card with at least your name and email address. You can drop it in our offering box or, if you take it to the resource center, we have a gift we would like to give you. If you put down your email address on that card and mark that it is your first time, we will send you one email with additional information about the church.


Every week we sing together led by a talented group of vocalists and musicians. The room is full of energy and life as we join together celebrating God's goodness.

The music we do is very similar to what you will hear on mainstream Christian radio. Timeless themes matched with a current sound, that's the goal. Although the songs may be new to you, you'll catch on pretty quickly. We make every effort for our music to be engaging and simple so everyone can participate!


Our weekend messages are designed to be Biblical, compelling and helpful. While each message will challenge the most mature Christian, we always explain the scripture clearly enough that someone who has no knowledge of the Bible whatsoever can understand it. Some of the best compliments we get are from new Christians who say this is the first time they have ever understood the Bible!

We encourage everyone to bring a Bible with them whether it is in print or digital. If you don't have a Bible, we would like to give you one for free at our Resource table, or we encourage you to download The Bible App. Each weekend you can take notes on your program, follow the scriptures on the screen, or log into the Bible App, find CFC under Events, and follow along with our scriptures and points for the week. If you use the app, you can take notes right there and email them to yourself once the service is over. Ah, technology.

See you next week!

As you are heading out, remember that we would love to send you some more information and a free invitation to RightNow Media. So drop your Connection Card in one of the offering boxes, or swing it by the Resource table. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of our team members!

We hope the service is worthwhile for you and that you join us again very soon!

If you have any further questions about our weekend service, you can use the contact form below and we will get back with you shortly.