new to carolina family?

We're a church in Salisbury, NC that wants to know God, find hope, live free, and do good. However you found us, we're glad you did. There are a bunch of ways to connect with us, but your first step is probably joining us for a weekend worship service. So here's a little bit about us and what to expect if you join us on a Sunday.

Sundays at 10 am

We are currently meeting at the beautiful Norvell Theater in downtown Salisbury! Check out the links below for directions, a parking map, and also an online virtual tour.


Parking Map |  Virtual Tour of the Building


When you get inside, make yourself at home! By the front windows you will see a banner that says "New Families". This is the best place to start. We have a team member there that can answer your questions, give you a tour, and register your kids for Carolina Kids. As you look around the lobby you will see our cafe (where you can grab some water or coffee), Kids Check-In, and the Resources area.


It's natural to be a little apprehensive before going somewhere new, especially when you don't know what to expect. Hopefully the pictures on this site give you a pretty good idea, but just in case they don't... be yourself and you'll be just fine. Don't worry about what you wear or anything like that. We are pretty chill, so just come like you normally are, grab a coffee, and relax. It'll be great.

Carolina Kids

Carolina Kids is an amazing opportunity for children ages birth through 5th grade to learn about Jesus as they hear Bible stories, sing, play games, and do crafts during the service. We focus on development of Biblical virtues that create a solid foundation for their future.

Questions? Email our Kids Director, Marie Ebersold.


Our goal is to create an environment where we can all best express our love for God and there are lots of great ways churches do that through music. Typically we choose to have a full band on stage with drums, guitars, keyboard, and singers, though it changes from time to time. Our music is generally newer with a rock-rootsy-ish sound. If you listen to Christian radio, you're in the ballpark.


Learning about and being challenged by what is actually true is one of the primary keys to spiritual development. All of our teachings come from the Bible because we believe it is how we know the truth. Our teachers do an incredible job of making the Bible understandable and challenging us to apply what we learn to the real-life we all deal with.

new families

If it's your first time and you have kids in 5th grade or younger, this is your first stop. For safety reasons, we have a check-in procedure for Carolina Kids. Find this banner and we can get your child(ren) registered. One of our team members will walk you through everything and give you a quick tour so you are 100% confident in our team.

Resource Area

If you want information about CFC, stop by our resources area. We can answer any questions you have and get you oriented to everything happening that day. Our team members are prepared to make you feel at home and help any way they can. We even have a gift we'd like to give you just for spending the morning with us if it's your first time!

Connection Card

If you are comfortable doing it, we would love for you to fill out one of our Connection Cards. This tells us a little bit about you and allows us to send you some additional info about the church. Don't worry, we won't spam you, just one email! The Connection Card is attached to the program you will be handed when you enter the auditorium for the service.

contact us

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us.

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